Hispanic Shoppers Value Quality

Last week, we posted information on how much Hispanic consumers rely on mobile devices when shopping.  Today, we’ll examine what goes into the purchase decisions of Hispanic consumers. New data is available that shows that item quality is the most important factor in choosing what items to buy.

Couple shopping• Among Hispanic consumers, the quality of goods and services is the most important determiner of what they buy – 53% of Hispanic shoppers answered this way

• Hispanics are 33% more likely than the general public to make decisions based on quality of goods

• 45% of Hispanic shoppers said price was the most important factor in making a purchase – Price was the top determiner among the general public at 43%

• Nearly 30% of Hispanic consumers said that the shopping experience was very important to them

• Hispanic buyers were nearly 47% more likely to use the shopping experience as a determining factor.  Among all consumers, less than one in five said that the experience they had while shopping was their most important factor

• One in seven Hispanic shoppers said that how quickly they could make a purchase was most important.  Total consumers put a higher on making quick shopping trips – 17% said it was most essential

What Does This Mean To You?

Hispanics aren’t just a growing consumer group; they are also a valuable segment.
This year, Hispanic buying power will exceed $1.2 trillion.
We’ve shown information on the value they put in the opinions of others and the importance that that your social reputation plays in creating loyalty – one of the other things to consider is how you are presenting yourself.
The first thing Hispanic consumers consider when purchasing is the quality of items.  It’s not that the general public doesn’t consider quality; it’s a close second behind price.
Ask yourself – Does your Brand exude quality?
When you look at your store, web site, collateral and store associates – is quality the first thing that comes to mind?
It’s not always expensive to make things look expensive.  Providing a quality experience often just means friendly associates and a clean store.  For more information on how to making your brand feel more valuable to consumers, please contact
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily;  The Integer Group


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