Technology Tools Hispanic Shoppers Use

Hispanic consumers can be a lucrative revenue stream for your business.  Their dependence on technology gives you many different angles to create relationships and develop loyalty. Last week we posted information on how reliant this segment is on mobile.  Today, we’ll look more in depth at the mobile tools they use most.

mobile-shopping-iphone-feature• More than half of Hispanic consumers have used online coupons or group discounts services – they are nearly 25% more likely to utilize them than consumers as a whole

• Just over half read product reviews and ratings on mobile devices while shopping

• Nearly half engage in real-time price and inventory checking while in a store

• 40% use mobile devices for 360 degree pictures of products

• One in four use real time chat services with businesses to learn more about products and over 20% make suggestions on related products or services

• Approximately 15% use QR codes, social media links and geolocation services

What Does This Mean To You?

Think of all the different ways your business can use to develop a relationship with consumers.  While this study focused on Hispanic shoppers, the shopping process is extremely closely tied to digital tool.  Mobile devices are some of the most important to customers.
While many retailers are wary of “showrooming”, the upside offered by embracing mobile outways the risk.  Not adopting a mobile mindset will certainly cause you more damage than “showrooming”. Social, email, SMS text and Geolocation can help you create one to one communication and loyalty with consumers. Not embracing mobile will just help your competitors who are mobile friendly. For more information on gaining a mobile advantage,
please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily;  The Integer Group


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