Are You Mobile OCD?

Mobile devices are becoming an increasingly integral part of our everyday lives.  We rely on them for everything from getting news updates, to finding the closest gas station, to ordering a pizza and then posting what kind of pizza we got on a social media site.
Do you feel nervous if your phone is not within arm’s reach ?
Is your first concern has to do with how much battery life you have left?
Do you talk to Siri more often than your friends?
Have you ever wondered just how often you interact with your smart phone on a daily basis?
A new research study is out that looks into just how often we use our mobile devices and the implications can help you create a better mobile strategy.

mobileappsandwhytheyhav• On average, consumers check their smart phones more than 150 times
each day

• The top thing people check are messaging functions – on average we check SMS/messages more than 23
times a day

• Voice calls are 2nd at 22 times daily

• Mobile devices have gone a long way in replacing GPS units and desktop computers, could watches be next? The average consumer checks the time via their mobile device 18 times per day

• On average people use their phones for music 13 times per day and for gaming purposes 12 times every day

• Just under 10 times a day consumers check in with social media take pictures or just their phone for some sort of alarm

• Approximately 5 times per day they will check news alerts, look at their calendar, go online or perform mobile search

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile devices have completely altered the way consumers look for, research shop and buy merchandise.  They have completely changed the way we interact with each other and our manner of speech.  All indications point to the fact that the way indications are it will also influence the way we pay for items.  While mobile payment could be the next big function that mobile devices take over –  we could also be on the edge of a new platform for mobile – wearables.  It’s not just Google glasses – the folks at Apple have also hinted at this as well.  As mobile devices transcend handsets and tablets, the integration into our daily lives will only increase.  Watching what is around the curve could position your company as a leader with consumer.  It also means that if you are slow to adjust to future devices, functions, apps and platforms – your company could be seen in the same light as MySpace, cassette tapes and floppy disks.  Think of your digital tactics not as rules carved in granite – but more of  a scalable outline that needs to be regularly updates and reviewed.  For more information on developing business through forward thinking, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: KPCB

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