Channels Consumers Use For Purchases

Technology has given the power to shoppers.  Not only in finding out about products, researching brands and comparing prices – but also in the ways they can make purchases.  E commerce allowed shoppers the convenience of shopping from home.  Mobile has given them the ability to shop wherever and whenever they like.  There is new research out that looks at what channels consumers use to make purchases

holiday-shopping-tips• Nearly 80% of consumers still make purchases in a traditional store setting

• More the 75% make online purchases from a desk top or laptop computer

• One in five shoppers buy items through their tablet

• Approximately 1 in 6 use catalogues & mailers or call customer service to buy items

• 17% complete sales through a mobile web browser

• 12% use mobile app and 11% use an app on their tablet  

What Does This Mean To You?

Yes, the majority of consumers still actually go to stores and make purchases.
But how do they learn about the locations they patronize or find out about the products they buy?
Odds are that there is not just one way consumers learn about you.  It’s probably a stew of traditional media, new media, word of mouth and happenstance.
Have you ever taken the time to ask customers how they found you?
This is essential information in creating an effective and efficient marketing plan.  Not just where to spend your marketing dollars, but what programs are working and what could work better.
Be sure to remember that this is just a snapshot, not science.  To create scientifically credible results, you’d have to ask the same questions, the same way to a randomly selected representative sample.
So unless you’ve hired a professional research company, it’s best to take the information at face value and use it as a suggestion of what’s working and what’s not. But you’ll never know the answers without asking the questions.  For more information on creating a marketing strategy that creates success, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Luxury Institute


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