Tablet Ownership Rises Sharply

While Apple might wasn’t the first to unveil a tablet, they certainly made tablets cool.  New tablets are coming onto the market on a near daily basis in different sizes and operating on a number of different platforms.  New data is out that shows just how much the tablet market has grown and who these owners are.

• Currently more than one-third of consumers own a tablet. Ownership has nearly doubled in the past year

Family-Using-Single-Tablet-w600• There is no significant difference in ownership between men and women – but growth in ownership among women was much higher.  Ownership growth among men was 60% and 105% among females

• The majority of owners are age 25-54. Nearly half of 35-44 year olds own a tablet

• The biggest growth has occurred for people age 30-50 (70%) and 50-64 (130%)

• There are no major differences based on ethnicity but ownership among African Americans has more than doubled

• Nearly half of parents with children under 18 own a tablet, that number has grown by close to 11% in the past year  

What Does This Mean To You?

Tablets are many customers preferred shop at home tool.  The growth of second screening also means for consumers interacting with your brand while watching your message on TV.
Where tablet growth is happening is also a good sign.  It’s not centered in the young demographics – the highest growth rates are happening among older, more established consumers.  Over half of tablet owners have incomes of $75,000+. This means they not only have the opportunity to become more engaged with your brand, they have the cash to buy your products. For more information on how to leverage belter results through tablet consumers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Pew Institute


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