It’s Social World After All

Pretty much everyone who’s been to Disney will agree – the animatronic children in the “It’s a Small World” are kinda creepy.  If the Disney brand was looking for a true scary movie – they could trap people on the ride because those things look like they could go Chucky at any second.  I bet the song itself would be more effective than waterboarding to get information out of terrorists.  All that being said – new research is out today showing just how big social networking has gotten globally.   

shutterstock_104635349• Worldwide, one in four people belong to a social network – that’s 1.7 billion users

• Year over year, the number of social networks has grown by 18%

• By 2017, the number of social networkers is expected to hit nearly 2.6 billion people or 35% of the internet users

• In the US  nearly 164 million people belong to a social network equaling 52% of the population

• China has the largest social population at 366 million people

• In less than 5 years, 184 million people in the US will be on social networks.  That’s a growth rate of 12%

What Does This Mean To You?

Social networks allow you to expand your businesses footprint and create new revenue streams.  But doing business internationally may require that you consult with a professional in the field.
Expanding your marketing efforts to the global consumer may require you to become more  socially savvy .  While you probably won’t need to create messages in other languages, how you convey your value will most likely week to change.  Consumers from many countries are much more networked than US consumers; it might be a good idea to become as connected as possible to monetize them.  Social networks can bring you more business, just having a Facebook page or twitter account is not social marketing.  You need to create a strategy.  For more information on social tactics that generate success, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer;


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