Half of Small Businesses Not Ready For Mobile

Take a look around, smart phones and tablets are all around.  Recent research points to the fact that smart phone penetration has reached over half the population and tablet ownership is climbing rapidly.  But a new report has come out showing that an extremely large percent of small businesses are not optimized for mobile.   

shutterstock_98997599• 49% of small and emerging businesses said their web sites are not optimized for mobile

• Nearly 20% said they were unsure of the status of their web site

• Among those companies that are not currently optimized for mobile, 37% are either in the process of optimizing or plan to optimize in the next year

• Nearly 60% of teens say they were saving for clothes, over  half said they were saving for college and almost 40% said they were saving for a car

• Nearly 40% of those not currently involved in mobile have no plans to become mobile friendly

• 57% of those businesses without a mobile solution say they have no compelling reason to become mobile optimized.  43% say that their customers have not asked them about mobile options

 Does This Mean To You?

It’s both good and bad.  If you have a mobile solution, and you’re competition does not – it’s very good.  You have a huge competitive advantage over the organizations those who are not mobile-ly optimized.  If you do not have a mobile solution, it’s bad – probably critically bad.  You are most probably losing sales, losing the battle in search and not top of mind with consumers.
For those companies who say – it don’t have any compelling reason to become mobile optimized – here are three.
1. During the 2012 holiday season – nearly 25% of web traffic originated from a mobile device
2. Currently 48% of online shopping is done from a mobile device
3. 80% of customers will not return to a site that offers a bad mobile experience (like trying to navigate a standard site on a mobile device)

An even easier example – look at your own behavior or the behavior of your customers.
Odds are that you’ve become more dependent on your mobile device and have looked up information that lead to a some kind of shopping activity.
The data shows that shoppers have.
Nearly 40% of consumer that researched a product or brand on their mobile device made an online purchase, one-third made a physical purchase.
For those that that say your customers haven’t asked about mobile options – many of those mobile dependent customers have probably started doing businesses with a mobile-friendly competitor.
For more information on making a winning mobile strategy, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: ControlScan; comScore; Limelight; ConversionXL


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