Gamers – Not Who You Think They Are

Being a geek or a nerd used to be a source of shame – now self-ascribed geeks & nerds wear those titles like badges of honor. Video game addiction used to main determiners of someone’s geekness. But gaming has taken a turn over the past few years and it’s now cool to be a gamer,  But if you’re over 30, still living in your parent’s garage or basement and spend more time playing World of WarCraft than working at a job – put down the game,  it’s time have a real life. 

enjoying_gaming2• While men are still the majority of gamers, women make up 45%

• There are more gamers age 35 and over than those under 18.  32% of gamers are under 18, 32% are 18-34 and 36% are age 35+

• Mobile devices are now the leading platform for gaming – over half of gamers use mobile devices

• 42% of gaming use a console

• Roughly 30% play games through social networks and just over 25% play via online portals

• One in four gamers use PCs – free to use and subscription MMOs are also places where gamers go

 Does This Mean To You?

In last week’s post on gaming, we got into gamification as an engagement tool.  I would highly recommend that it be something you investigate.
The gaming audience has definitely expanded.  Aided by role playing, sports and combat titles, gaming is not just for kids.   Another thing to look into are casual games.  These games can live on your site and create great engagement.  Developers can weave your products and brand into the game and best of all, it gives you targeting ability.  Give players the ability to earn a discount through play, give them the ability to get additional benefits for registering.  The key to building a good database this way is giving valuable discounts.  Giving a crappy discount will ensure that players either don’t register or give you a worthless burner address.  For more information on developing user engagement, please contact:

Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Frank M Magid Associates


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