Gamify your Ads For Better Engagement

We’ve done a couple of posts on games and gamification.  Mostly centering on who gamers are and the benefits of gamification.  Gamification doesn’t just increase engagement of your web presences; it can also increase engagement of your online advertising.   New research explores what happens to ads that tie in games, badges and rewards.   

Mobile-Games-Discovered-And-Downloaded• Over one-third of mobile consumers who saw an ad featuring a reward for clicking interacted with the ad. Just 15% of mobile users clicked on the same ad without the rewards aspect

• 36% visited the brands website after seeing the ad with rewards. 20% of non-rewards exposed users did the same 

• 28% did a mobile search of the brand after seeing the reward based ad. 17% of mobile users who saw the non-rewards performed a mobile search

• 21% of the mobile users who saw the rewards based ad looked for the brand in a store.  Just 12% of the non-exposed consumers looked for the same brand in stores

 Does This Mean To You?

The most important part of the study was intent to purchase – mobile consumers who saw the rewards based ad were 44% more likely to purchase the from the brand than those who did not see the ad. Gamification increases the affinity between consumers and your brand.  It gives them a connection point beyond the purchase.  All things being equal, rewards and badges could give you a competitive advantage.
Rewards can be anything from virtual points towards discounts or items (think about airline miles) badges or even monetary benefits like free shipping.
It’s tough to make your mark and attract the attention of consumers these days.  Anything you can do to put the spotlight on what you have to offer and why consumers should do business with you is a good thing.  For more information on creating engagement with consumers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Marketer; SessionM


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