Diners Still Use Daily Deals

Even though the economy is improving, consumers are still looking to save money where ever they can. Although many group deal sites have been losing subscribers, consumers are still using them.
A report has come out that looks into diner’s use of daily deal type sites.  While this research particularly deals with restaurant customers, it’s transferable to other segments of business.

restaurant mobile• 53% of consumers still subscribe to deal sites

• Over 20% of consumers say they are signed up to receive multiple deals, 16% said they are signed up for just one

• Just 1% of diners use these deals on a daily basis

• 10% use them on a weekly basis and 22% use them monthly

• The vast majority of restaurant goers use deals on rare occasions and 13% never use them

 Does This Mean To You?

There was a time when consumers flocked to deal sites and used them on a regular basis. Although activities on these sites have leveled out, they still can be a good method to attract customers.  Over half of consumers still associate with these sites but don’t purchase coupons. The mobile aspects to these deals do give them additional value.  Anything you can do to create awareness is good, as long as they are cost effective. If you are currently involved in a deal site, make sure you are getting the appropriate ROI.  If you are thinking of getting involved in daily deals, be sure that you weigh the value of the deal.  Also, make sure that the terms of the deal don’t handcuff you into a longterm engagement.  Tomorrow, we’ll look at why consumers unsubscribe and how you can make your deals more effective. For more information on creating effective consumer messages, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; AYMT


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