Why Consumers Unsubscribe From Deals

In yesterday’s post, we investigated how often consumers use deal sites and their subscription sites. Today, we’ll look at the reasons why consumers unsubscribe from group deal sites.  Anytime you lose customer engagement costs you money – you have to spend more to re-attain them and you give your competition a chance to create a loyal customer.

shutterstock_107315540• 52% unsubscribe because they don’t use deal sites any longer

• 55% said that the deals were not relevant to them

• More than one in four said they didn’t like the volume of emails they received

• 22% said they just got tired of the deal sites

• Women were nearly twice as likely as men to unsubscribe because the deals were not relevant

• Half of the consumers who didn’t use deals anymore were age 25-34

 What Does This Mean To You?

The majority of consumers stopped using deal sites because they were no longer relevant.  A large percentage also stopped using them because of the amount of communication they get from the
deal sites.  The key to any type of offer or deal to a customer is value.  The more relevant & targeted you can make an offer the more likely shippers are to act on them.  Targeted offers move past being just another email into something that has worth.  Another thing to do is monitor the amount of communication you send to customers.  The legal definition of SPAM and what consumers perceive as SPAM is very different. Consumers may feel like you are SPAMing them purely on the basis on
the amount of emails you send.  That perception of SPAM can quickly get your message into delete
or ignore folder. For more information on how to make your offers as valuable as possible,
please contact
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; AYMT


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