How Much Time Do College Students Spend With Technology

Today’s students are completely connected and tech engaged. Students in the younger age groups are the consumers of tomorrow and give your business a great opportunity to create loyal shoppers. But students come in all types of ages and incomes.  Research shows the devices they use and what tactics you can use to grow your business.

ipadgirl-copy• In 2013, college students spend 60% of the day interacting with technology – 14.4 hours daily

• They spend just over five hours per day on a laptop, that has slightly decreased from last year

• College students spend on average 3 and a half hours per day on a cell phone

• That number has increased by nearly 10% in the past year

• College students spend just under 3 hours watching TV – TV viewing slightly decreases year over year

• They spend 1.3 hours a day using a gaming console

• Tablet use increased by nearly 60% in the past year.  In 2013, they spend .8 hours per day on a tablet

• They also spend roughly an hour per day with an e-reader or hand held gaming device

 What Does This Mean To You?

Today’s college students are a valuable commodity and a large percentage may not fit the bill of
who you may think the traditional college student are.
One in four college students are over the age of 30
Nearly 30% have children

Over 50% are seeking degrees shorter than 4 years
Half are financially independent
While the majority of consumers are younger, a fairly large share are more established.
They also have the financial ability to make purchases on their own.
In total, college students represent a $60 billion spending pool.  Their reliance on technology
give you many different ways to create paths to purchase. For more information on how to leverage your piece of this revenue pie, please contact:
please contact
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; SheerID; re:Fuel


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