Celebrating July 4th

Time is flying by. It seems like just yesterday, I was posting information on holiday sales trends. We have sprinted past the halfway point of 2013 and
July 4th rolls around in just a few days.  Independence Day gives your businesses many opportunities to engage consumers and create loyalty.  It’s one of the
few holidays that virtually everyone celebrates but you don’t have to buy a
card or presents.

• 90% of US consumers will celebrate the 4th of July in some form or fashion

• BBQ’s and gatherings are the top activities people plan to attend – Nearly 70% of Americans plan to do this.  That equals nearly 165 million people

• Over the past 5 years, the number of people planning to BBQ has increased by 11%

• Nearly half of American’s, or nearly 116 million people plan on attending a fireworks show

• 16% will attend a parade – planned parade attendance has increased by a 1/3 in the past 5 years

• 12% plan to travel or vacation

 What Does This Mean To You?

For nearly every business there is something you can do to increase sales with the 4th of July.
While it may not be the big ticket gift giving holiday, there are certainly revenue streams that can be created.  The main go-to beneficiaries of July 4th are most probably convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores.  The amount of BBQ means food, ice, beer and propane – it also means sales of everything from paper products to stomach remedies. If you fall into the grocery / convenience category, make sure you promote the incidentals that people often forget.  Also make sure you have enough associates to help customers find what they need and pay for it.  Your customers will probably not have tons of time to shop. They want to get in, get out and go on their way.
Restaurants also can be stop – and not just the local BBQ.  Promote your take out items and maybe create baskets, trays or packages that people can take with them to fireworks shows or family gatherings.  Besides, it’s going to be a long holiday weekend – even I can’t eat left over pulled pork
and macaroni salad for more than 3 days.  In tomorrow’s post we’ll look at other ways to create traffic on Independence Day and promote your business.  For more information on growing your business, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: National Retail Federation, BIGinsight


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