What Digital Platforms Are Used Most?

Last week, we showed data that talked about what digital activities consumers use most. Today, we’ll look at what platforms consumers interact with most on a daily basis.  The mobile revolution has put more digital platforms in the palms of consumers hands, increasing the use and the relevance of these platforms in consumers daily lives.

Social-Media-Tree● Over 90% of online consumers use email at least once a day

● Eight in 10 text once a day

● Over three quarters socially connect using Facebook daily, more than three quarters also interact with Twitter daily

● Seven in 10 reported checking Instagram and approximately two-thirds visited Snapchat or YouTube

● Nearly 60% reported daily visitation to Google+ and Pinterest

What Does This Mean To You?

What do most of these have in common?  They are native mobile functions or are becoming mobile first platforms.  Large percentages of consumers will check email on their mobile devices before they view them on a laptop or desktop machine.  Also, more and more evidence points to social media becoming a mobile function.  With so much consumer interaction being mobile in nature, it’s important that your mobile strategy be current with current mobile trends.
How often to you review your overall marketing plans to make sure they are up to date?
Are your plans at least mobile friendly?
What new mobile tactics have you initiated in the past 6 months to a year?
When was the last time you reviewed your main competitors web presences to see their level of
mobile acuity?
Staying top of mind mobile-ly is important, At the very least you need to be as mobile savvy as your chief competitor.  For more information on making your mobile presence felt, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; GfK; IAB


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