Online Baby Boomers And Seniors

In yesterday’s post, we looked into baby boomers use of media.  While TV was #1, going online at home was second.  Boomers are also becoming much more mobile in their web use.  Another study is out that looks into the tablet activities that boomers and seniors engage in..    

senior-with-ipad-tablet• 60% of mobile boomers & seniors use the devices to look for information

• Nearly half make purchases with their mobile devices

• 44% have primarily surf the web and over one in four communicate with others about things they’ve learned during their web use

• 22% say that they have continued their information search offline after using a mobile device

• One in six said that information they learned on their tablet made them change their mind about a topic

• 16% contacted a business or organization after using their tablet

What Does This Mean To You?

It’s expected that over half of baby boomers will use mobile devices this year. We’ve seen how much economic impact boomers have and many of the activities they participate in
are shopping related.
57% of boomers and seniors went online to get shopping related information
Over 45% looked for coupons online
Two-thirds of Americans 50+ buy from e-retailers online

While they control a great deal of wealth, many seniors and boomers are on a fixed income and are looking to find deals and save money. This group is also the fastest growing segment on social media. That means they will not just look at prices they will be looking at comments, reviews and your social reputation can impact if they buy from you.  For more information on creating  online loyalty, please contact:   
Al Fiala

Source: IPSOS, MediaCT, Google; eMarketer; Pew


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