Children and Smart Phones

The TV is often referred to as the electronic babysitter.  More and more, mobile devices are taking over as the device that pacifies today’s kids. New research is out that looks into children’s use of smart phones has recently come out and their adoption of mobile devices is much greater than previously thought.    

coppa122-resize-380x300• Among US families that own a smart phone, nearly 80% of children use the devices for at least one hour each day

• For teens 14-17 it’s over 85%

• More than 60% of pre-schoolers use smartphones at least an hour a day

• Over 20% of all children use them for more than 4 hours daily

• Nearly 30% of High school age children spend at least 4 hours a day using smart phones

What Does This Mean To You?

Anyone who thought that consumer’s use of mobile devices is a passing fad really does need to cast aside that notion.  While most consumers are rapidly becoming mobile first, many of today’s kids are becoming mobile exclusive or near exclusive.
That means the consumers of tomorrow will expect more from your business’s mobile offerings.
It also means that you will need to work harder to keep them engaged with your business.  Children’s use of smart devices also gives you many opportunities to create new customers and greater awareness.  Kids have an enormous amount of purchase influence on everything from what car parents drive to where they dine.  Placing your message in content that children tend to use can help you leverage their influence.  For more information on targeting consumers through relevant content, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Zact; eMarketer


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