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Sharing is caring” – While this mantra was very important in preschool, it probably holds more weight when it comes to your business and social networking.  New research has come out that shows us that social sharing is just the next thing to move in a mobile direction.

social-sharing• Nearly 8% of mobile users time on social network is spent sharing content.  Desktop users spent roughly 4% of their time sharing

• 56% of social sharing on desktops is done through Facebook

• For mobile social networkers, Facebook is also the top sharing platform,  60% of sharing is done on Facebook.

• More than twice as much sharing is down on Twitter through mobile devices as desktop machines
14% of mobile sharing goes through Twitter, just 6% of desktop sharing is done through tweets

• Over three times as much sharing is done mobile-ly on Pinterest as through a desktop.  Pinterest is responsible for 19% of mobile sharing and  5% of desktop sharing

• The only platforms that have higher desktop sharing are reddit and Tumblr.  5% of desktop sharing is through reddit and just 1% of mobile sharing is done there.  4% of desktop sharing happens through Tumblr and 1% of mobile sharing comes through Tumblr

What Does This Mean To You?

One of the main reasons your business has a social entity should be to encourage sharing of your content and your message.  In fact, “share-ability” should be the tent pole of your social strategy.
You can have coolest, most interesting, most engaging and best content on your sites and social presences – but if it is presented in a way that makes sharing difficult you basically have to tell your story individually.  Now if you content is easily shared, you have the ability to create an army of people who can blanket your message, your product information and your offers to their friends and family.  One of the most import parts of social sharing is the importance you message can take on when it is sent from a family member, friend or virtual friend.  No matter how persuasive you think your message is, it will never have the cache that comes with a recommendation from a friend.  In essence, that’s what a shared content is – a socially shared endorsement.
Think of your own life.  If someone tells you a movie is bad, how likely are you to see it in a theater? Or if a friend tells you about a great restaurant, you are probably more likely to dine there.  Think about ways you can encourage sharing.  By giving rewards for sharing, retweeting, forwarding or pinning your content, you are helping spread your message and creating a path to better bottom line. Those rewards can be real or virtual (think gamification!).  For more information on things you can do to encourage social sharing , please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: ShareThis; eMarketer


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