Mobile Shopping Moms

Today’s moms are busier than ever and a majority of them rely on mobile devices to assist in shopping.  In fact, they may be the most mobile of all consumer segments.  New research has come out that looks into the frequency at which moms use their smart phones and tablets in the shopping process.

mom-with-smartphoneNearly 90% of moms own a mobile device

• 35% use a mobile device on a daily basis as part of the shopping process

• 16% use them on a weekly basis

•10% of moms use them infrequently – once a month or less

• Nearly 30% of moms said the top reason they use a mobile devices during shopping was because of the speed and ease they offer

What Does This Mean To You?

When it comes to lucrative consumer segments, moms are one of the best
places to start.
They hold a huge amount of consumer equity and have a vast influence over purchase made by the entire family.  They even influence things that their adult children buy.  Moms also put a great deal of stock in the opinions of other moms.  They are also extremely active on social networks.
These factors make testimonials from moms very important.  Their high use of mobile devices and reliance on the reviews of other moms also put a premium on social sharing.
What things could you do to engage and connect with local moms?
Have you ever thought of adding a “tip’s for moms” or “things to do with kids” section to your website
Having it written by a local mom will add to your mommy cred.
Are you currently involved with the local PTA, baseball or soccer leagues?
These organizations are almost always in some kind of fundraising drive, your participation can help moms see you as a business who is interested in the well-being of their kids.
Does your local police or fire department sponsor a child id or safety program?
Your involvement with these types of programs will put your business in the
mommy wheelhouse.
For more information on how to create relationships with target audiences, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Alliance Data


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