What Social Moms Share

Last week, we posted information on how moms use mobile devices in the shopping process.  Today, we’ll look at new information on the social activity that moms engage in and the content they share.
Because moms are so active on social networks, they can be a powerful force in helping you create engagement.

•Moms age 25-54 are 3x more likely than the general public to share content

• The top 5 content types that moms share are:

 Mom_Using_Facebook1  ○ Parenting topics – 18%

   ○ TV & Movies – 15%

   ○ Technology – 10%

   ○ Health – 6%

   ○ Politics – 6%

• The top 5 content types that moms consume:

   ○ Movies & TV – 22%

   ○ Casual & online games – 10%

   ○ Parenting – 9%

   ○ Music – 8%

   ○ Sports – 6%

What Does This Mean To You?

Because of the huge influence that moms have over the opinions of other moms, the types of content that they share is very important.  So if you are looking to create engagement with moms, parenting would be naturally a place to start.  But entertainment content should not be forgotten.  Not only do they consumer this type on content but they share it as well.  Casual and online game is a great place to reach moms and while they may not share scores and outcomes like they have in the past, it does take up 10% of what they do online.  One of the biggest benefits to social marketing is the ability to find, influence and leverage groups based on their activities and content.  We’ve talked about dedicating space to highlighting content on your own web presences to build engagement.  You should also take the time to letting people know you have this content through social means.  Tweet out to your followers and customers about something great that may be on your site.  When you get a tweet linking you to something interesting or informing you believe your customers would enjoy – instead of just re-tweeting it, think about contacting the content provider and asking them if you can put the information on your site and then tweet it out linking to your page (please ask first and make sure you give the proper credit where the credit is due). The more you can tie yourself to the content that your targets want, it increases your value to them.  For more information on developing target audiences, please contact:

Source: eMarketer; ShareThis


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