What Social Moms Share

Yesterday, we featured a post on the types of online content moms share and consume. In today’s post, we will examine the most popular platforms that moms use to socially share content. The differences in platforms definitely influence the types of content that gets shared and the devices they use.

momcommunityimage-copy• Just how influential are moms?
○ On average, shared content will generate 8.75 clicks
○ Content shared by generates an average of 9.5 clicks

• The top platform for sharing content is Facebook but Moms are not as reliant on it as the general public
○ 56% of people share content through Facebook
○ Moms share 34% of their content through Facebook

• Moms are also less likely to share via Twitter
○ 10% of the general public share content through Twitter
○ 9% of moms content gets shared through Twitter

• Moms are much more likely to share through Pinterest
○ Nearly 30% of content shared by moms goes through Pinterest
○ Overall, just 12% of all shared content is shared through Pinterest

• Moms are also more likely to share through StumbleUpon
○ 14% of content from moms goes through StumbleUpon
○ Just 5% of all content goes through that portal

What Does This Mean To You?

Getting moms to share your content is a great way to develop awareness.
Don’t limit yourself to either reposting parenting content on your site or marketing your business in parenting content. Because moms are often the keepers of the family checkbook, they are always on the lookout for ways to save money. Creating offers that will appeal to moms will help you get shared. It’s not always a monetary savings that will catch their eye. Look for offers that will help them save time or will give you added value. Believe it or not, the holidays are literally just around the corner – Thanksgiving is now less than 120 days away and it falls late this year. That means busy moms will be even busier.
There are probably many things your business can do to make holiday shopping easier. Special shopping hours tied to a loyalty club and free shipping save both time and money for moms. For more information on creating valuable offers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; ShareThis


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