Who Are Social Networkers

Most companies have some kind of social networking activity – even if it is
as simple as just a Facebook page.  But are you getting the most out of
your social presences?
Do you know who today’s social media’s users are?
New research is out that looks at who is using social media today – knowing this can help your business optimize what social activity they are involved in.

images• Today, over 70% of internet users are using social media and use is still climbing.

• In the past 6 months, social media penetration has increased by nearly 10%

Social networkers as a percentage of total internet population:

• Gender

oMale: 70%

oFemale: 74%

• Age Group

   ○ 18-29: 89%

   ○ 30-49: 78%

   ○ 50-64: 60%

   ○ 65+: 43%

·   Ethnicity:

   ○ Caucasian: 70%

   ○ Hispanic: 80%

   ○ African-American: 75%

• Education:

   ○ Some College: 73%

   ○ College Graduate: 72%

·   Household Income:

   ○ HHI $50,000+: 78%

   ○ HHI $75,000+: 71%

What Does This Mean To You?

The targeting aspect of social media is something that should not be overlooked.  While younger age groups are certainly more apt to use social media, there are large percentages of the 50+ and senior population using social media.  In fact, seniors are the fastest growing segment of the social scene. Because they are newer social networkers, they are also not as jaded as those who have spent a great deal of time on networks.  This upper age group is also a large user of TV –social networking is easily paired with TV and will increase the engagement levels with your message.  So if you are looking to create a loyal customer base with adults age 50+, social media is something you should explore.
For more information on creating lucrative opportunities through targeting, please contact:  

 Al Fiala


Source: eMarketer; Pew


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