Twitter Users Today

The world of social networking changes extremely quickly.  Social media has become mainstream an most businesses see the importance of having social as part of their overall marketing strategy – but this rapid pace of change means that your social tactics need to be scalable.  Not seeing the changes to come, reacting late to them or having policies that don’t allow you to change could not only you’re your business but help your competition.  The is new research available looks at who today’s twitter users are – knowing this can help you refine your message and targeting vehicles.

twitter-bird-blue-on-white• In the past nearly 3 years, Twitter use has doubled going from 9% to 18%

Twitter users as a percentage of total internet population:

• Gender

oMale: 18%

oFemale: 17%

• Age Group

   ○ 18-29: 30%

   ○ 30-49: 17%

   ○ 50-64: 12%

   ○ 65+: 5%

·   Ethnicity:

   ○ Caucasian: 14%

   ○ Hispanic: 28%

   ○ African-American: 27%

• Education:

   ○ Some College: 20%

   ○ College Graduate: 19%

·   Household Income:

   ○ HHI $50,000+: 42%

   ○ HHI $75,000+: 22%

What Does This Mean To You?

Twitter is not only growing, it is reaching lucrative audiences and demographic segments that are becoming harder to engage.  Younger consumers get their news and information from a variety of sources, Twitter is one that you should investigate as a way of creating engagement.
Why should you look to Twitter –
Mobile – Twitter was the first social network to be mobile centric.  It is based on the ability to quickly post information from a mobile device

Efficient – All you get is 140 characters, so need you need to express your value up front.  Today’s consumers, especially younger ones, value brevity.  You can attach a link for them to get further information if they are interested.

Share-abilityThis maybe the biggest plus to twitter.  With one simple click , your followers can forward your message to friends, family and their followers.  This type of social evangelism gives your message exponential cache.  Other benefits include easy categorization through hashtags and the ability to add easily add twitter to existing marketing campaigns.  In tomorrow’s post, we’ll see just how much Twitter has grown and one key to making your tweets valuable.  For more information on creating winning social tactics, please contact:

 Al Fiala

 Source: eMarketer; Pew


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