Twitter Growth

In yesterday’s post, we looked at who are the Twitter users and why twitter can be an important part of your social marketing tactics.  Today, we’ll look at another reason to become Titter savvy – the growth of the social network.  As we stated yesterday, over the past near three years Twitter has grown by 100%.  Where the platform is growing is equally impressive

twitter-logo-break• Among 18-29 year olds, twitter use has jumped by 114%

• With 30-49 year olds, it has skyrocketed 142%

 • Twitter use by 50-64 years has grown 117%

 •   The most modest growth does come amongst seniors age 65+, growth with them is 25%

 What Does This Mean To You?

The more people using Twitter means more people seeing your message and more importantly, hopefully, more people sharing or retweeting your message.
What is the key getting people to retweet your message and extend your area of influence?
Plain and simple, Value.
When a person retweets something to their followers there are giving that message their stamop of approval.  They are saying – I think you’ll find this important, funny, it will help you save time, it will help you save money, it is something that I believe you will want to see.
Believe it or not the first way to increase your chances of retweeting is ask people to retweet –
Saying Please Retweet lifts sharing by over 50%.  If you don’t hink it’s important enough for people to retweet, will your followers?

Link to content – Tweets that contain links get retweeted much more often than tweets that are text only

Make it your tweet personal, talk directly to the one person reading the tweet, instead of the mass of followers.  Phrasing things as “you” works great

Last but not least, don’t just send out the same old, same old offers.  Offering someone 10% off over and over again will not help you.  Make it relevant – that could be on specific products (Paring your messaging -social, email, text – with your CRM strategy is really something to look at.  When you offer them a discount or special on things they already buy your message is more relevant and more valuable) or product segments.  Also anchor events such as holidays and happenings to your message.  A discount on shoes may not ring a bell, a discount on back to school shoes this time of near may have greater resonance.  For more information on engaging targets, please contact:

 Al Fiala


Source: eMarketer; Pew


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