Mobile Purchases And Email

Yesterday, we chronicled data on how mail is rapidly becoming a mobile first function. There has also been lots of data on how much mobile is influencing shopping. But you can’t depend on just email to create sales on mobile devices.  New data is available on mobile email purchase influences and what factors play into why consumers open mail on their mobile devices.

shutterstock_99408548• Less than 10% of online users say they have made a mobile purchase because of a specific mobile email promotion

• Nearly one in four mobile users say the main reason why they open promotional email on
their mobile device is familiarity with the sender’s name

  16% say the subject line is the main driver of why they open

  10% say the device they are using is the main influence of why they may or may not open email

•Less than 10% say that the length of the message is a main factor

• Awareness of a good deal is also a reason why they may open a promotional email on their mobile device

What Does This Mean To You?

While mobile email may not be a huge influence on mobile purchasing yet all indications are that it will be.  But before they can make a mobile purchase they need to open your message.
Most import to consumers is who is sending it to them and their relationship with that business.
While a customer might have signed up to get promotional emails from you how likely are they to know down the road you will be sending them communication.
It’s important to start the communication as soon as possible.  If someone signs up for an email, send them a welcome message and an offer.  In fact, take the opportunity to get to know them better – Offer them an even bigger deal if they fill out an information sheet (don’t call it a survey), explain why you want them to fill it out (“offer you our best prices on the items you buy most).  Also let them know how often they will be getting communication from them.  Sending a welcome email will make them fell, well, welcome and pave the way for future communication.  Presenting them with an offer lets them know that you will be providing them with value (make sure your offer is good).  Telling them how often you plan on getting email may keep you from getting put into the spam folder or having them change the email address on file to a burner one they don’t check.  For more information on how to your customer communication more relevant, please contact:
Al Fiala


Source: eMarketer; Campaigner


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