SoMo Continues to Grow

Recently we’ve posted information on how email is moving into a mobile first mode.  Social media functions are also becoming more mobile and trends indicate just how pervasive SoMo is going to be in the future. New research on the two leading social networks, Facebook & Twitter, show that social is definitely becoming mobile-centric.

Social-Mobile• This year, 28 million people in the US will access Twitter on a mobile device, this equals 28% of the SoMo users nationally

•99 million people nationally will access Facebook on a mobile device

  Over the next 5 years, mobile twitter use
is expected to increase 55% to nearly 44
million users

  Facebook is expected to have nearly 155 million mobile users in the US by 2017.  That’s an increase of 56% in less than 5 years

   Currently 99% of Mobile social media users access Facebook – over the next five years, that is expected to decline slightly to 96%.

What Does This Mean To You?

SoMo gives you the opportunity to create more actionable social offers but also means you need to be more responsive on social media.  What happens when someone checks in at your location on FourSquare, Hashtags they are in one of your stores or mentions they are shopping with you in a status update?
These are opportunities to create loyalty, generate additional sales and influence shoppers.
Try developing a special FaceBook page for a specific location.  Promote it heavily in the store and encourage shoppers to “Like” it with their mobile device.  You can create a time sensitive offer that encourages people to make a purchase while in the store. Have your store staff take ownership of the page. Give them a sense of ownership.  If there is merchandise you need to clear out – have them post about it.  If there are any specials, let them talk about.  You can do the same with Twitter & Instagram hashtags.  Develop a location specific twitter feed and create a similar hashtag.  Have your employees create twitter handles that associate themselves with the location.  Promote it in store and again, send a time sensitive offer when they follow it.  Have your staff tweet about offers, sales and store events – always using the location specific hashtag. These are just two simple ideas on how you can use social media to develop in store sales.
SoMo also means you are going to have to be even more vigilant with your social reputation.  If a customer has a bad experience, they are likely to use the anonymity of social media to voice their displeasure. The pure nature of social sharing means this experience could reach a large group of people.  Because people trust the opinion of their friends – you could lose businesses very quickly. It’s always a good idea to monitor your social presences, this will help you mediate negative information and promote & publicize great reviews and comments.  This also could be a learning experience for your staff.  It might be good to talk with them about their responsibly on social media.  They are the front line faces of your business.  Their social activity can help or hurt your business.  Understanding the far reaching implications of social media is a lesson that can help them for years to come.  For more information on utilizing social media to grow your business,
Al Fiala


Source: eMarketer

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