Big Growth In Mobile Gaming

In recent posts we’ve looked at several functions that were primarily desktop in nature buy have recently moved to become mobile centric.  Consumers are increasing using their mobile devices for shopping, social networking and email  – you can now include gaming as being on the path to being mobile first.  New research has come out that supports why integrating gaming into your mobile site or attaching your name to mobile games can help you create awareness.   

tumblr_m7thdsDQXK1rslczs• This year over 103 million US consumers are expected to play games on their smart phone –that equals nearly 75% of smart phone users

• By 2017, there will be an estimated 172 million smart phone gamers – an increase of 66% in just 4 years

• Currently one-third of the total population uses their smart phone for games, by 2017 it is anticipated to grow to over 50%

• The number of social gamers is expected to grow by 20% and total casual gaming will grow by almost 15%

• When you combine smart phone and function phone users – there will be close to 200 million people gaming on their phones by 2017

What Does This Mean To You?

Besides the growth in mobile games – the audience is another benefit.  While you may think it’s just kids – you’re wrong.  The demographics for mobile gamers are older and actually skew slightly female.  Engagement levels with mobile  games is extremely high.  Add all this up and you’ve got a growing audience, made up of lucrative targets who can be focused on content that that is branded with you name.  For more information on how to uniquely connect with your target audience,
please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer


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