Why Companies Are Incorporating Social

Most major companies are realizing that one web presence cannot do everything that they want it to, so they are incorporating a number of tactics to help fill the gaps.  Some of these tactics are specialty sites for charitable endeavors, warranty and service sites, product rollouts and social integration.
New research has been released that looks into the reasons the goals companies have put behind their social integration.  These reasons are helping them craft successful social strategies.   

social-media• The #1 reason why businesses executives say they are incorporating social apps to their web sites is to increase users/customer engagement.  Nearly 90% of execs answered this way

• Over half wanted to create a direct connection with possible consumers and more than 40% thought it would increase time spent on their web site

• 41% are integrating social into their sties to increase traffic and more than 30% thought it would humanize their brand

• 29% think it will increase conversions and 16% did it to increase revenue

• The majority of companies worldwide are using between 6 and9 different social platforms to meet their companies needs

What Does This Mean To You?

While just 16% of companies are integrating social media into their digital presence to make money, most of these executives realize that social marketing is a holistic way to increase revenue.
The more engaged a consumer is with a brand , the more likely they are to make purchases from them.  The same goes for personal connections and increased time on a site.  Basically, the more sticky your social offerings are – the bigger the potential is for revenue creation.
These ease of linking and consumer search activities have made keeping these external social sites connected much easier and more needed.
What activities is your business doing to increase engagement?
How are you creating connections?
How well do you know your target audience?
Before you can create a connection or developing engaging content – you need to know as much as you can about your target t consumer.
For more information on effectively and efficiently reaching your target audiences,  please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer;Livefyre

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