MCommerce Continues to See Great Gains

It’s hard to believe another holiday season is rapidly approaching.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and all indications point to mobile being a critical piece to this year’s holiday revenue pie.  A new study has been released that details how much money will come from ecommerce and mobile’s revenue impact in the coming years.

shutterstock_107315540• This holiday season, ecommerce  is estimated to account for over $60 billion in revenue

• Year over year, ecommerce sales are projected to increase by  15% this holiday season

• In 2014, mobile sales are expected to total over $56 billion

• That’s a 36% growth rate from 2013 and 20% of ecommerce sales are expected to come from mobile

• By 2017, mobile commerce is project to top $133 billion.  That’s a jump of  over 170% from this year.  By then, mobile is expected to account for more than one in four ecommerce dollars

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile sales are skyrocketing and these estimates are probably on the conservative side.  While sales over the next five years are important.  You should be focusing on what you can do to leverage mobile for this holiday season.  Has your business fully adopted mobile as a marketing tool?
With so many consumers relying on their devices for so many different things, not utilizing mobile is a critical mistake.  In fact, you could be handing sales to your competition.
The other thing that will make mobile extremely important this holiday season is where Thanksgiving falls this year.  It’s very late.  This means that shoppers will be packing more things into a smaller time window. The number one reason why consumers use mobile devices is because of speed and convenience.
There are several mobile tactics you can start to develop today that will make you a preferred virtual or physical shopping destination.
Incorporate mobile into your loyalty programs and start Black Friday early – not earlier shopping hours, but start your sales earlier on the calendar. This will help you get your share of sales first and possibly get a bigger slice.  But make it available only to those who have signed up for your mobile loyalty program.  This will benefit you long after the holidays are just a memory because you’ll improve your database.  For more mobile-centric t tactics, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Department of Commerce

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