What Influences Costumes

One of the biggest decisions a kid can have this time of year is what they are going to go as for Halloween.
This year, it’s predicted that Zombies will be the top adult costume and Superheroes will be the biggest youth costume.  But I’m sure that every adults Halloween party will have at least 1 Miley Crysus  twerking their hearts out.  A new study is out that shows where people are getting their ideas from, these sources can help you increase awareness.

darth-vadar-dog-pet-halloween-costume-600x497• Over one in three costume ideas will originate from a search engine

• 32% will come from social networks

• While Facebook will be the primary social influencer,  Pinterest is a strong second.  Pinterest will influence 14% of females costume choices

• More than 30% will get their idea while shopping

• 21% of costumes will be influenced by friends and family and print media will influence 16% of costumes

 • 6% of people will wear the same costume as last year

What Does This Mean To You?

With so many people going online to get costume ideas, it makes sense to use leverage that traffic.
There are two ways you can go.  Look for placement in Halloween content or specific costume targeted opportunities. Or integrate costume ideas into your own site.  We talked before about developing local engagement through locally derived content.  Whether it’s giving a local blogger (Mommy Bloggers have huge influence with a lucrative target audience) space on your site or even hosting a poll/voting widget, you can get the benefit of content and searches (Be sure to talk with your website developer to tag the site and content correctly).  Don’t just thing about Halloween as that event that happens at the end of October – Think of it as the gateway holiday to the Winter spending madness.  For more information on how you can leverage opportunities and see success, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: National Retail Federation


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