Single Consumers In Deep Relationships With Their Smart Phones

Singles are often over looked as potential target audiences by many companies. While they may not buy the large range of products that families buy and have lower home ownership rates as married individuals – they have much higher levels of discretionary incomes.
Companies also have to work harder to engage them as well.  But a new study just may give you the perfect avenue to create loyalty with this group.   

0929_woman-smartphone_416x416• There are more single adults than those who are married with children.  20% of the population is married with children.  29% of the population is either men or women living alone

• Nearly 85% of singles say they are either constantly texting or text multiple times each day

• 82% use a mobile device to go online at least once a day, 77% check email on a mobile device at least once a day

• One in three constantly use their smart phone to check social media sites, over half post via mobile device daily

• 46% use their smart phone to play games several times daily

• Just over half of singles say they share pictures and video on a daily basis

What Does This Mean To You?

Just because they aren’t married doesn’t make singles less desirable as a consumer group.  In many ways, they may be an easier target group to attract.  While many married couples make decisions jointly (or at least they say they do), singles don’t have to consult someone before buying.  But you have to create the connection with them.  Mobile looks to be a great way to vehicle to introduce your company and your products.
Because of singles heavy use of texting and social media – these two functions could be very effective. The easiest place to start is loyalty programs.  Get shoppers to sign up for email and text alerts.  A few things to clarify up front – let people know approximately how many times you will contact them and make the offers valuable.  If you are filling their email boxes with too many emails or the offers you text them are not up to snuff – odds are they will either opt out or just ignore them.  Either way, you could get the reputation of a spammers (even through it’s not technically spam).  If there is a way to incorporate a CMR tool and send them offers for products or types of products they already buy, you message instantly becomes more valuable.  Another thing to look into is social sharing.  By making your offers sharable, you can instantly make incremental increases to you influence.  Again, only offers that are valuable tended to get shared.  The person who shares them is putting their stamp of approval on the offer by forwarding it – they are not going to send something out to friends that is not something they want. It might be a good idea to reward the person who originally shares the offer.  For more information on creating results with target audiences, please contact
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Amplitude Research

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