Singles Are Smart Phone Addicted

In yesterday’s post, we chronicled data that showed that singles are extremely active in smart phone activities.  Today, we’ll look at singles and their attitudes towards their mobile devices.  Recently a survey was released that shows singles maybe becoming more than just dependent on their smart phones.

sleep-texting1_0• Just over half of singles age 21 to 50 own a smart phone

• 44% of singles make checking their smart phone the very first thing they do in the morning

• Nearly 70% of them either sleep with their device or keep it with in arms reach at night

• Half of all singles think they may be addicted to their smart phone – women are more likely than men to feel this way.  Smart phone addiction is highest among singles age 27 to 34 (57%)

• Four in 10 singles feel they lose sleep because of late night use of their device

• One third of singles feel they may miss out on personal interaction because of the amount of texting and emailing they do

• Over half of singles feel they may miss out on something if they don’t constantly check their mobile device

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile devices are rapidly changing how consumers discover, research, shop and purchase new products and stores.
When was the last time you reviewed your mobile strategy?
Have you se t goals for your mobile strategy to accomplish?
Is your mobile strategy an essential part of your overall marketing plan?
Are your social and mobile tactics aligned?
Mobile should not be viewed as a niche marketing vehicle.  Consumers dependence on it ahs moved it to the forefront and it should be holistically part of everything you do.
Why? Because consumers feel that their mobile devices are an essential part of their lives.
Your customers are becoming mobile first – your business needs to think mobile optimized.
From hastags to texts, Qr codes to search – take every opportunity to include mobile in your marketing efforts.  2 years ago, we saw the mobile explosion over the holidays. Last year couch consumerism made Thanksgiving Day a big virtual shopping day.  The holidays are closer than you think, prepare now and profit then.  For more information on becoming mobile first, please contact
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Amplitude Research


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