The Holidays Are Closer Than You Think!

While the weather maybe still a little warm in certain places, Christmas is less than 90 days from now.  Considering that the winter holidays make up a huge percentage of most businesses annual sales figures – planning for the holidays should be something that is actively ongoing.  New research is out that talks about just how digital this holiday season will be

Dec_25th• For most retail businesses, approximately 40% if their annual sales will be generated during the holidays

• Total holiday spending is predicted to hit over $640 billion – up 11% from 2012

• Ecommerce is expected to hit $62 billion this year – 15% up from last year

• 48% of consumers plan to spend the same amount as last year on the holidays

• 43% plan to spend less – just 9% of consumers expect to spend more this year vs. last year

What Does This Mean To You?

Several factors are in play that could change the shopping dynamic this holiday season.
Mobile devices are expected to become an even bigger part of the holiday shopping equation, not just as a purchasing mechanism, but also a directional promotional vehicle. Look for this like Mobile coupons and text promotions to become much more visible.
But the biggest adjustment could come because of the calendar.
This year Thanksgiving falls late.  Because of the importance of the winter holidays, many major retailers are starting specials, sales and programs earlier.  With a large percentage of shoppers planning to spend less, you need to solidify plans on how your business is going to ensure it gets fair share of shoppers.  For more information on how to create additional retail opportunities, please contact
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Prosper Research


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