Mobile Assisted Shopping

Last year, the term “showrooming” became a big mobile buzzwords.
It spoke to the fears of most brick and morterss and sent people scurrying.  While many businesses felt the effect of “showrooming” – the lost sales can be attributed to these stores weak mobile strategy.  New research has recently been released that shows how mobile assisted shopping can improve your bottom line rather than steal
from it.

shutterstock_87972136• Just over one in five consumers are “smart shoppers” – those whouse mobile devices while shopping in retail stores to assist in the purchasing decisions

• Younger buyers are not the only ones using mobile devices while in-store.
Nearly three-quarters of “smart shoppers” are age 29 or higher

• 30% of “smart shoppers” only use their devices to get more information about the products they are interested in

• Just 6% of “smart shoppers” are committed to buying online and always opting for the lower online price

• Nearly half of “smart shoppers” were more likely to purchase in store, despite equal or cheaper online prices, if they are member of a loyaly program

What Does This Mean To You?

It’s time to not only accept “smart shopping” but embrace it.  A poorly structured mobile program can literally drive consumers into “showrooming” activities.
One of the keys to keeping spending in-store is a loyalty program.
A properly deployed loyalty program will not only promote your brand and location but become a shopping tool for consumers. When you promote the items that consumers already buy, yiou can help eliminate your competition from the shopping equation.
Ask yourself these questions.
Does your company have a customer loyalty program?
What percentage of your current customers know about it and are signed up?
How do you promote it?
What kind of benefit does the buyer derive?
Are the offers that go out through your loyalty program really that valuable?
Would you send them to your friends and family and feel they were worth the effort?
Do you allow loyalty program members to share the offers with non-members?
Holiday shopping has already started.  Your mobile tactics can be the difference between a profitable holiday season and a dismal one.  For more information on how to get the most out of your mobile program, , please contact
Al Fiala

Source: Columbia Business School


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