What Mobile Shoppers Do In-Store

In yesterday’s post, we looked at how many people are using mobile devices in-store and their attitudes regarding shopping virtually vs. shopping at a brick & mortar.  Today, we’ll examine the activities that mobile shoppers engage in while in-store.

shutterstock_107315540• 52% use their device to check prices

• Half look for product information and reviews, 39% call or text friends and family members

• 36% have used a bar code or QR scanner app

• 34% have looked for a mobile coupon

• Nearly one in four posted a social update and 22% have checked in to a geo-location social presence

• One in 8 have logged into a stores loyalty program and 10% have paid at checkout using a mobile app

What Does This Mean To You?

Because mobile devices are so prevalent, you need to be nimble with your mobile strategy and leverage the benefits you can offer.
Price matching is essential to keeping consumers in your store vs. a competitor or losing them to an e-retailer.  Making price matching a benefit of a loyalty program might be too exclusionary – but what if you gave consumers a coupon to use in the future plus price matching.  This could lead to additional sales for the future.  With so many consumers looking up reviews and using QR codes, it would be a good idea to combine the two.  By posting QR codes linked to positive product reviews, you are making it easy for consumers to get information and keeping them in your universe.  In-store signage reminding them that they can sign up for mobile coupons is another worthwhile endeavor.  Whatever your do, remember your loyalty program is key to mobile success.  For more information on leveraging the power of mobile, please contact
Al Fiala

Source: Columbia Business School


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