Reasons Consumers Shop In-Store Rather Than “Showroom”

In yesterday’s post, we showed information on motivation behind consumers to “showroom” rather than buy in-store.  Today, we’re going to take the opposite approach and look into why shoppers buy in-store instead of online.

3784566-shopping-smile-couple-isolated-over-white-background• The number one reason why consumers bought into store was expediency – 59% said that they need the item right away

• The long wait for online shipping was the reason 53% on in-store buyers gave

• 51% said it was just more convenient to shop in-store

• Nearly 20% said that they prefer to buy from local businesses and 17% indicated that they get better service buying in-store25% said that they prefer to get the item at home

• 15% said that return policies were better at brick and mortars, 14% said they trusted a local seller more.  Another 14% said that reward points led them to shop in-store

• Less than 10% of consumers mentioned that a personal connection with the staff, the availability of same-day shipping the general dislike f shopping online were the drivers behind they purchasing from a brick and mortar.

What Does This Mean To You?

There are several things you can to leverage the advantages you have in convincing consumers to shop at a brick & mortar.  The need to have it things right away is strong, look into ways of having customer be able to order things ahead of time and then have it ready for them to pickup – this virtually eliminates waiting for shipping.  Promote your community involvement.  Nearly 90% of shoppers say they would switch stores or brands that are involved in charitable activity.  Show your support for local groups and organizations to help lure these customers in-store and complete the sales there.  Your staff maybe another huge weapon in combatting “showrooming” The more you reward customer service, the more likely it is to become the norm.  Look into webinars and virtual classes that help you staff an manager encourage and exude exemplary customer service.  For more information on how to keep more sales in-store vs. online, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Columbia Business School


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