What Pushes Consumers To Holiday Shop Online

Yesterday, we detailed information on in-store vs. online shopping.  Today, we’ll look into the reasons why consumers shop online.  If you are a Brick & Mortar, this can help you craft strategies to retain in-store sales.  If you are a virtual retailer or want to push sales to a web site, these are things to promote.

online holiday shopping• Nearly 70% of consumers said free shipping was the top reason they shopped online

• Nearly 60% said that cheaper prices online vs. in-store was why they we were going to holiday shop online

• 46% said that avoiding crowds was a reason they planned to virtually shop

• Over 40% said that the lack of sales tax collection and easy-to-use websites were why they planned to shop online this year

• More than 30% cited the ability to return items at a store or free returns pushed them towards digital shopping

• 29% said that they wider selection online was their primary reason to shop online and 24% said thatclear shipping information was their reason

What Does This Mean To You?

Just 14% of consumers said there was no reason to shop online.  That means that over 85% of shoppers could be moved to shop online.
If you have a physical location that you are trying to keep sales at, free shipping and price matching are strategies to employ.  We’ve mentioned in past posts that making shopping convenient is key during the holidays. Remember that convenience is one of the main drivers behind ecommerce. Special hours and special shopping events targeted to those in a time crunch can help shoppers avoid crowds and make in easy for them to buy from you instead of a competitor.
If you are a virtual store looking to take convert in-store shoppers, mobile should be key (that should go without saying). Also, make sure all of your platforms are easy to navigate.  Remember that the holidays could bring out possible customers who don’t normally shop in a virtual space.  Don’t leave them guessing on where to go or what to do.  Also, follow-up emails and online coupons can be a great way to reinforce a good shopping experience and create additional buying opportunities.  Returns can be a big concern at the holidays – make sure your shoppers know your policies.  For more information on how you can have a merry, bright and profitable holiday season, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Accenture Research


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