Successful SMBs Getting Cozy With Social

There’s never just one way to do anything – with the possible exception of catching a foul ball at a game (find the nearest kid and give it to them – they will treasure it much more than you ever will).
But more and more successful small businesses are finding that social media is
an effective way to market their wares and create deeper customer relationships.
In fact, nearly 75% of the fastest growing SMBs increased their social investment last year

smb block●  90% of these small and medium businesses are using social media to brand themselves – maintaining the company’s presence and identity

●  89% are involved in content marketing to deliver specific messaging
about the organization and its products

● 88% are using to generate word-of-mouth engagement and social
sharing about the company

● Just over 80% are using it create direct advertising lead

Successful social media marketing is not just putting up a site and hoping that
consumers find, follow, Like or pin you.  It’s about creating engagement and targeting.  Social media can be a very powerful tool but it can also be an extremely inefficient way to connect with likely customers.
Before engaging in any sort of campaign, ask yourself two questions:
What is my target audience?
What are my campaign/business objectives?

A quick hint – the answers must be actionable and measurable.
Everyone is not target audience.
Increasing Revenue is a almost everyone’s goal, but there are way too many
things that go into making it actionable.

The answers to those two questions should serve as your blueprint
to create a loyal customer base.

For more information on how to see successfully incorporate social
media into your strategy, please contact:

Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; TNS


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