TV + Digital Video = Success

Creating engagement and developing your brand can be a daunting task for any business.  Today, there are more platforms, more metrics and niches than ever before.  Think of all the different commercial messages you seen in a day.
One statistic puts the number at nearly 250 different messages in a 24 hour period.  Some other studies have proposed that consumers are exposed to nearly 20,000 pieces of marketing information daily – My guess is that nearly everything could be considered “marketing information”.
Whichever number you wish to put the most credence in one thing remains true – there’s a lot of competition for consumer attention.  Your business needs to be able to cut through the clutter and invest in media that influences consumers.

digital video worldTwo of those are TV and Digital Video
●   TV delivers more reach than any other media – During an    average day, over 90% of adults watch TV.

●   Adults spend an average of nearly 29 hours each week watching TV

●  TV also has the highest level of consumer influence –Nearly 85% of consumers said that TV was the most effective way to influence their purchase behavior

While TV is the dominant reach vehicle, Digital Video lets you capitalize on targeting

●   56% of TV ad buyers liked using digital video because of targeting and available metrics

●   Nearly 70% of advertisers planned to plan their video ad campaigns holistically across  all platforms – making their TV buys stronger

When planning a TV campaign look at your customer and ask your agency, buyer or TV rep to provide you with qualitative information on programming.  This will help you create a media strategy that is effective and efficient.
The same basic tactic can be used for putting together your digital video campaign.  Ask to see qualitative information on the site’s users.  Make sure the video is connected with content that is relevant to your customer.
The decision to place a buy on any media shouldn’t be based on your personal feelings regarding content.  Don’t buy ads in a TV show simply because you like it.  Conversely, don‘t dismiss advertising on a station or a site purely because you don’t like the content.
Look at the qualitative information and see if it matches your customer or the type of consumer you want to reach.
For more information on making effective and efficient media decisions,
please contact:

Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Forrester; Advertiser Perceptions; AYTM


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