Social Sharing by Early Adopters

In our last post, we looked at just who early adopters are and why they are important to almost every business.  Because social media is becoming a dominant bullhorn in consumer opinion, this post will explore the frequency at which different groups use social media to share information on new products and services.

Social Media Network●  Over 60% of all males will use social media to share thoughts or photos of new products & services.  Roughly 40% do it at least some of the time.  Nearly two-thirds of women will use social media to talk about new products or services

●  Women age 35-44 are the most likely to use social media to actively discuss these new products and services.  Women age 18-34 are the second leading target group to socially share about the latest and great things they find

● Just 10% of men age 65+ socially share new product information sharing about the company

● Overall, more than one in five consumers will always or often use social media to convey opinions about new products and services

Image the branding power you could control by harnessing the positive thoughts of one in five of all your customers.  Rewarding them with a referral discount is a very easy way to encourage them to share information with friends and family.  Tomorrow, we’ll look at just how much power a positive review of a new product or service has on a peer group.  For more information on how to create a competitive advantage using social media, please contact:

Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Harris Interactive


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