Customer Service Becoming More Social

Customer service has always been a social interaction. Whether it meant calling a customer service number or writing a company, it’s always been about the interaction.
Today, the digital world has made it easier to for consumers to connect with companies and hopefully get issues solved. On the other hand, digital anonymity has created a whole other set of problems as well as how quickly one bad shopping experience can be spread throughout an entire peer group.
cs● 75% of companies say that customer service is integrated into their social media strategy
● Over 70% of companies said that social media has been part of their customer service strategy for at least 2 years
● One-third of companies said that social media has had a positive impact on their customer service interactions
● Nearly three-quarters of companies said that customers who contacted them through social media used wither Facebook or Twitter
● Nearly 60% of companies said that they reply to social customer service inquiries within 4 hours

Why is this important?

Social media is rapidly becoming a mobile first function – this will put an even bigger spotlight on social customer service. A bad shopping experience can be spread to an enormous amount of online friends and family at the drop of a hat. It also often happens while the bitter taste of the bad experience is still very fresh. A company’s rapid response and mitigation of the problem is essential to keeping your social reputation intact. Developing a set strategy can speed the time at which it takes to solve the issue. In today’s world, a 4 hour response time is much to long. Recent research shows that consumers expect a return phone call within 2 hours and a return email within an hour. Waiting 4 hours to start to resolve a customer service issue will most likely to be very satisfactory. The quicker you resolve the issue, the less damage that will be done. It may also result in the consumer spreading positive information about your business. For more information on the importance of a positive social reputation management, please contact:

Al Fiala

Source: Social Media Today


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