Digital Resources That Influence New Brand Shopping

There aren’t too many businesses that will tell you they have too many customers. Even if you’re overwhelmed today, you need to keep the pipeline of potential sales full for tomorrow. There will always be consumers who have never heard of your business, recruiting new patrons is something that you should strategize for. Today we’ll look at the digital tools consumers say move them to buy products or brands they never purchased before.
digitalserviceslargeNearly 30% of consumers indicated that Daily Deals sites were the most effective digital tool that influenced them to buy a product or brand they had not purchased in the past
● One in four consumers said product reviews swayed them to something new
● 23% said that a store’s social media presence moved them to make a new brand purchase
● 22% said emails from a brand or their social media presence were the main influencer
● One in six shoppers thought that shopping apps were the most effective new brand influencer

Why is this important?

Your business should always be in new customer acquisition mode. You can’t continually depend on just brand loyal customers to keep your registers ringing. While much of the flash regarding deal sights have faded, many consumers still rely on them and use them for new things to try. Deal sites have been especially beneficial to restaurants and personal service businesses such as dry cleaners and home services such as landscaping businesses.
Reviews will always be a big influencer on a person trying a new business or product. The more you can promote positive reviews the better. Never forget that your own social media page can draw new customers. Make sure that you are touting the value that consumers get from shopping with you or purchasing your product. Don’t just say you’re #1 or the very best at what you happen to do – tell consumers why. Focus on the things that matter – Saving them time and/or money, unbeatable service or an unforgettable experience. Even better, collect this information from existing customers and let them tell your story for you. It will be much more powerful. For more information on digitally attracting new customers, please contact:

Al Fiala

Source: The Ryan Partnership


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