What Digital Strategies Affect Where Consumers Shop

Yesterday, we looked at the digital tools that influence buying new products and services. Today we’ll dive into the digital tools that influence where you shop.
influence● Reviews are the biggest influencer of where consumers spend their money. 40% of consumers said that a review had the biggest effect on the places they made purchases
● Emails ranked second at 35% – these emails could either be top of mind or coupon/discount focused
● 30% of consumers stated that social media was what moved to shop at one location vs. another
● More than one in four shoppers cited search engines and shopping apps as the most influential digital tool
● Mobile coupons and daily deal sites where other top digital tools what persuaded consumers where to shop

Why is this important?

Getting consumers to try your business the first time is tough, keeping them as loyal customers can be even tougher.
What are you doing to keep customers coming back?
There is a place for a loyally program for almost every business. The cost of keeping that customer shopping with you is far less than the cost of taking one from a competitor.
Don’t think of a discount from a loyalty program as a cost, think of it as an investment in your future success. Referral programs are another great way to reward loyalty. They don’t just increase your customer base, you’ve deployed an army of loyal customers to spread positive information about your business. When a friend recommends your business to a peer, they are now invested in your success. For more information about how to attract more consumers and ways to keep them coming back, please contact:

Al Fiala

Source: The Ryan Partnership


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