Women Increasing Their Social Time

Social activities are taking up more time in everyone’s lives. No matter if they are used for leisure, keeping up with friends, career networking or for shopping activities – people are spending more time on social sites. Woman, in particular those age 25-54, are becoming more social than in the recent past but they are reallocating the time amongst the sites they frequent.

shutterstock_85984642● Nearly 80% of women age 25-54 regularly visit FaceBook, 35% visit YouTube, 30% use Instagram, 22% use Twitter and 13% use Instagram
● 67% are spending more time now on Instagram than 6 months ago
● Nearly 50% are spending more time with Blogging platforms and Pinterest than 6 months ago
● Only 30% are spending more time on FaceBook

Why is this important?
Women are the main influencer when it comes to almost every major purchase. Women tend be read reviews and actively consider the opinion of peers when making purchasing decisions.
Because of the impact that social media can have on this tremendous buying power – you need to pay attention to where to they are socially visiting. While FaceBook may still be 800 pound gorilla, visual social presences like Pinterest and Instagram and Twitter can be an incredibly powerful tool to get your message out there. Blogs can add a personal touch to your marketing strategy in an engaging format. For more information on how to connect with your target audiences and keep you your message in the forefront, please contact:

Al Fiala

Source: SheKnows, Women’s Media Users Research; eMarketer


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