Twitter Increases TV Ad Effectiveness

Recently, we posted information on how twitter is not just increasing audience, but it’s user base is getting older. Today, we’ll delve into new research on how Twitter can increase the effectiveness of TV advertising

twitter_social_tv_thumbnail_01● Twitter users are less likely to change the channel during commercial breaks –
17% of all viewers who are not second-screening change the channel during commercial breaks. Just 13% of second screeners will switch away. Only 8% of Twitter users will flip the channel when commercials come on
● Twitter users have better ad recall –
Viewers who were second-screening had an ad recall of about 40%. Twitter users had an ad recall of 53%
● Twitter use also increased purchase intent –
Among viewers who were only watching TV, the average purchase intent is 16%
For people who were actively tweeting, purchase intent was 30%
● Twitter increases brand favorability –
There was an 18% lift in brand favorability with TV viewers who were tweeting vs. those who were just watching TV

Why is this Important?

Twitter can be an incredibly powerful tool to get your message out there. The combination of Twitter and TV is a true win win. By just adding hashtags to your TV commercial can create a 42% increase in twitter conversations about your ad. All this increased conversation about your ad and your message is peer to peer marketing that you don’t have to pay for. For more information on the how you can increase the volume of your marketing campaigns through the tactical use of social media – please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Millward Brown; Symphony Advanced Media; emarketer


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