Mobile Users and News Apps

A recent study reported that one of the main drivers behind peoples near addiction to mobile devices was the fear of missing something. That same report showed that smartphone users look at their device over 100 times each day – many times to just make sure they haven’t missed something. Smart phones and tablets are becoming a main conduit for people to get news on the go. Knowing what apps consumers are using to overcome their fear of missing out can help you create awareness for your business.

shutterstock_95561476● The most popular news category app was one that reported Breaking News. 42% of consumers who had a news app had downloaded a breaking news app
● National news apps were a distant second at 18%
● 8% downloaded a world news app
● 7% had a weather app, 5% had a business news app and 3% had a sports app
● Other news type apps were for specific content such as technology, traffic and entertainment

Why is this important?

If consumers are constantly looking at their phones for information – wouldn’t that be a great place to develop your brand? People never want to feel as though they are the last to know anything. Breaking News apps lets you leverage this fear of missing out. There is a caveat; Breaking News is rarely a positive thing. You don’t want to seem as if you are capitalizing on the pain and misfortune of others. You may not want to offer a 10% off coupon or a free appetizer offer occupying the same space as a story about the bus full of Nuns going over a cliff. Think of it as a branding mechanism. For more information on how to increase the visibility of your business, please contact:

Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; StepLeader


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