What News Content Do Smartphone Users Prefer

Yesterday, we posted information on the types of news apps that mobile users depend on most. Today, we’ll dig a little deeper and explore the types of news content that smart phone users use. Because of the increased stress on consumer’s time – more functions are becoming mobile first and users are depending more on their smart phones and tablets than ever before.
News is one of the things that on-the-go consumers are using their
smart phones for.

shutterstock_68927947-2● 41% of smart phone say they use smart phones to get breaking news alerts
● 32% use smart phones to read news content
● One in five use them for weather information
● Less than 2% use them to look at news pictures or to view news video

Why is this important?
Smart phones are the perfect place for concise breaking news alerts. The fact that these devices are rarely out of arms reach helps people feel contented. The ability to share breaking news quickly also empowers users to be influencer in their peer group.
When looking at news sources as a place to invest your media dollars make, sure the audience they draw is consistent with your target buyer.
Ask to see the qualitative information on their audience, make sure it is from a reputable source. Also when pricing these sources, look at it in a cost per thousand (CPM) perspective.
This will allow you to make comparisons on equal footing. There are a large amount of possible content providers to choose between – a wise investment will pay dividends today and in the future. For more information on how to increase your return on investment with smart media strategy, please contact

Al Fiala
Source: eMarketer; StepLeader


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