News Content on Tablets

Our past few of posts have dealt with mobile news content and the types of news content that smart phone users prefer. Today, we’ll examine the news content that tablet users prefer. Tablets price points and portability are making tablets preferred over desktops in homes across the country.

Best_tablets1● 55% of tablet owners use their devices for long form news content
● 20% get breaking news alerts
● 14% check for weather information on their tablet
● Just under 10% watch news videos
● Roughly 5% browse news pictures

Why is this important?
While tablets and smart phones are both grouped into the mobile category – they are used for many different functions. Smart phones are more often used on the go, so quick, concise information is most important to users. In home use, particularly the bedroom or family room are the top places tablets are used. This means that consumers spend more time with content than on smart phones. Screen size is also a determining factor in functionality. Video and graphic content lend themselves better to tablet viewing. These are factors you should also take into consideration for your mobile messaging strategy. The main reason consumers use mobile is convenience and if your message is not conveniently perceived on a smartphone – you should consider either changing the deployment or look for tablet only delivery. For more information on how to take full advantage of the mobile-first revolution, please contact:

Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; StepLeader


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