Hispanic Consumers Rely on Digital Shopping Tools

The Hispanic population continues to grow at a rapid pace and their consumer spending potential can be a big benefit to your organization. The Hispanic community in the US stands at nearly 55 million people and their buying power will hit an estimated $1.5 trillion dollars next year. Digital strategies may be one of the best ways to connect with this important consumer group and tap into their discretionary dollars.

hispanic shopper 2● Over 50% of Hispanic consumers use an tablet for shopping purpose everyday
● Hispanics index 80% higher than Non-Hispanics for tablet shopping activities
● More than 40% use a smart phone for shopping on a daily basis – 12% higher than Non-Hispanics
● Four in 10 Hispanics use a desktop computer to shop with daily – 56% higher than Non-Hispanics
● 37% of Hispanic consumers shop on a laptop everyday – 36% above Non-Hispanics

Why is this important?
We’ve shown the population growth and the spending potential for Hispanic consumers. But digital shopping may rival these factors in importance for your business.

Hispanic consumers are more likely to take action after seeing
online advertising

1 in 3 Hispanics are likely to take action after viewing an online banner ad. They are approximately 2X as receptive to online ads as Non-Hispanic consumers.

Hispanic Consumers spend more online than Non-Hispanics
Hispanics spent nearly 15% more per online transaction -: $103.19 vs. $90.82

Each market, each business, each location is different, but odds you r business could benefit from Hispanic spending power. For more information on how to efficiently and effectively target the consumer groups, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: BIA/Kelsey; Bantanga Media; eMarketer


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