Hispanic Consumers are Highly Social and Very Mobile

Recently, we featured information on how Hispanic consumers are extremely active shoppers via digital tools Today, we’ll look at the overall social activity of Hispanic shoppers as well as their mobile use.

shutterstock_92188960● The average Hispanic adult spends 4.5 hours per day on social networks
● The average for Non-Hispanic adults is 3.2 hours per day, nearly 30% below Hispanic adults on average
● Nearly half of Hispanic shoppers will use a social network during the buying process
● Over 7 in 10 Hispanic consumers actively seek out product information on mobile devices

Why is this important?

The more a consumer is exposed to your messaging the better. It’s even better if they are spending time with your social presences. Because of the interactivity you can infuse you’re your social messaging, you can increase the amount of engagement with potential customers. It also increases the likelyhood of social sharing and brand evangelism. A good customer is going to keep frequenting your business – a good socially active customer is going to frequent your business and tell all of their online peers to visit it as well. Consider that the average Facebook user has nearly 350 friends – what kind of impact could just a handful of socially active, loyal consumers have on traffic to your business? In tomorrow’s post, we’ll look why this is even more important with Hispanic consumers. For more information on how to increase your brand favorability through social media, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: BIA/Kelsey; Punchtab; eMarketer


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