Hispanic Shoppers are Influenced by Social Postings

Yesterday’s post showed just how big a part social media played in Hispanic consumerism.  Today we’ll examine some of the factors your business needs
to take into account.

social index● Nearly 70% of Hispanic adults have used social media when shopping a local business
● Hispanic use social networks 10% more in the local shopping buying cycle than Non-Hispanics
● 56% of Hispanic consumers think that FaceBook Friends are a trustworthy source of product or brand information
● 43% rely on reviews
● Four in 10 think that social friends from any site are trusted sources
● Nearly 30% trust business blogs
● More than one in four trust the opinions of complete strangers

Why is this important?

Interacting with your brands is just one part of the social experience. The other part, and possibly more important, is the peer to peer conversations that consumers have about your brand. It’s especially important among Hispanic shoppers because of their reliance on social peer opinions, reviews and postings. When the conversations are positive, that’s great. But what do you do when the conversation is not so positive?
Do you have a strategy to deal with negative comments and complaints?
The quicker you can mitigate the situation and resolve the problem the better for your business. The worst thing you can do is let these negative posts sit and fester. They quickly move from just someone’s complaints to a negative social perception that can be very hard to overcome. If you wonder just how much of the overall social conversation is negative in nature – please come back and see tomorrows post. For more information on how to create a positive social reputation, please contact:

Al Fiala

Sources: BIA/Kelsey; Punchtab; eMarketer


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